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La turbie

Located at the highest point of the “Grande Corniche”, on the old roman way “Via Julia Augusta”, La Turbie is a real balcony above Monaco. Its whole territory with its contrasted reliefs -truly appreciated by hikers-, offers you vertiginous and stunning panoramic views, which have inspired poets and writers.

As a promontory, La Turbie had a strategic role through the mists of time, and its destiny is exceptional.

The Roman people chose the place to set up the monumental Trophy dedicated to the Emperor Augustus, the Counts of Provence transformed it into a fortress and our village finally became one of the preferred destinations of the first winter tourists.

If the centuries and the history inevitably transformed the former village, this last kept its defensive nature. Thanks to the richness and the originality of a remarkably preserved heritage, La Turbie proposes many itineraries, you can also discover with your Smartphone or on the MP4 available at the Tourist Office. The local cooking served in our restaurants will brighten your visit up.

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