"Boutique Ports" Project: Promoting Alternative Western Mediterranean Cruise Destinations

Friday, 29 January 2016

'Boutique Ports' project highlights the key role and quality services of several Western Mediterranean 'boutique' cruise ports, all being members of MedCruise.

The ports involved in this initiative are Costa Brava Cruise Ports (Palamós) and Delta Ebre Port; the Balearic Port Authority, with the port of Mahón (Spain), the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce, with the port of Nice; the Port Authority of Piombino and Elba, with the port of Portoferraio (Italy), the Port Authority of Northern Sardinia, with the port of Porto Torres (Italy); and the port of Sète (France).
In recent times, the need for cooperation and synergies among ports and destinations has emerged, in order to create added value for the cruise industry. In this context, the above small and mid-sized -in terms of cruise passengers- ports of the Western Mediterranean have joined forces and theit attractive destination on the 'Boutique Ports' project.

This unique initiative aims to jointly promote itineraries and destinations, through a service catalogue that offers high-end standards for cruise tourists, with a view to attracting more luxury cruise lines.Targeting a highly demanding upper-middle-class clientele used to sailing on board luxury cruise ships in search of unique destinations, 'Boutique Ports' project communicates to the cruise world the enormous potential of the cruise destinations involved in the initiative.

It also highlights the fact that in these ports cruise passengers have the opportunity to visit cultural, historical and natural attractions of unique beauty, enjoying at the same time a high quality personalised experience.

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