Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Gourmandises d'Angéa
Rue de la Poissonnière - 06300 Nice - Tel : 04 93 80 92 69


Short presentation of your business activity:
Our boutique enables clients to purchase local specialities of hand-crafted pastries and jams. We have a wide range of fresh macaroons with generous fruit centres, as well as iced macaroons.

Why did you join the French Riviera Cruise Club ?
We welcome and serve a large clientele of cruise customers visiting Nice. So this partnership seems a logical step in the development of our activity.

What actions have you taken or would you like to do with the FRCC ?
At the moment, we are offering a 10% reduction on our flagship product and we are open to any other actions during the season, in conjunction with the Cruise Club.

Do cruise passengers already visit your boutique, and if so what is the impact on your turnover ?
Yes, about 12% of our turnover comes from cruise passengers during the season.