Skema Students Partnership

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A partnership is being set up with students of SKEMA, the Business School based at Sophia Antipolis. This year the, the FRCC asked them to work on the following subjects:

•    Identify all the blogs and sites containing cruise passengers’ comments about our destination and  their manner of collecting /sharing information
•    Identify Facebook pages and Twitter and Instagram accounts used by the influencers in tourism related to the cruise industry (and that we could follow using FRCC accounts)
•    Which are the keywords and hashtags  most used by cruise passengers when doing searches / shares about our destinations  
•    Identify the bloggers who are influential in the world of cruising
•    How to set up an alert on these sites and blogs to follow news about our ports and about our destination
•    How to organise  responses to these comments
•    How to question the cruise passengers / cruise lines / media specialised in this sphere of digital communication
•    Interest and possibility of media partnership or live feeds into our communications
We will certainly keep you informed of the results of this study.
The students will present the results of the study during a forum on 6th April at Sophia Antipolis. More information...

More information...