Sensational visits in Villefranche on 8/06 and in Cannes on 26/06

Monday, 22 May 2017

On the occasion of the inaugural visit of the ‘Sovereign’ and the ‘Independence of the Seas’, more than 100 businesses identified by pennants, as well as the market at the Place Amélie Pollonnais, will fly the colours ‘ Welcome to Cruise Passengers’ to welcome the 7,000 passengers and crew members from these vessels.
The aim of this promotion is to contribute to the economic life and the commercial dynamism of the town. A special welcome, commercial discounts, discovery of the town based on the theme of local flavours, cinema and shopping are all actions taken to promote the image of Villefranche businesses.
Many cruise passengers can therefore discover the town by passing through the shopping streets.

On the occasion of the promotion ‘ Cannes, the Thrilling Visit ‘ organised around the calls of 2 cruise ships ‘MSC Orchestra’ and ‘Jewel of the Seas’ with almost 5,000 passengers, more than 100 Cannes businesses will display the ‘ Welcome to Cruise Passengers’ colours.

The aim of this promotion to welcome cruise passengers is to contribute to the animation and commercial dynamism of the city. A special welcome, discounts and gifts in shops displaying the ‘Welcome to Cruise Passengers’ pennant, are all actions to promote the image of city centre shops and to entice cruise passengers to return.

Events with partner businesses will take place on the St Pierre Quay : jazz band welcome, stands provided by Galeries Lafayette, Grande Coutellerie, Fragonard, Caprices de Maryline and Histoire de Famille,  absinth tasting by the Bar à Absinthe, and ice creams from Niva.