Monday, 31 July 2017

Short Presentation of your business
Cyclopolitain was established in France in 2003. It is the major company in France and the first such company to be set up in Nice.
Our concept has two purposes : local transportation of people, and guided tourist visits, especially in the historical centre.

Why did you join the French Riviera Cruise Club ?
Although we are a small company, being a member of the FRCC connects us with the “maritime” world on the French Riviera. We are regularly informed about cruise vessel visits to the French Riviera, giving us valuable information about the number of vélotaxis required each day. Cruise passengers appreciate our service because it provides a rapid visit of the historical centre, travel to the railway station, to a bus stop, to a taxi rank or just to return to their vessel !

What actions have you taken or would you like to take with the FRCC?
It was originally considered whether we should give special offers to cruise passengers. I don’t know whether this was done in the end but it was necessary to work in that direction, so that cruise passengers could benefit from reductions from Riviera partners, but also and above all, benefit from quality services from an “official” professional local company.
Unfortunately there are tourist traps in cities such as Nice and Cannes! Cruise passengers are perfect targets because they are only passing through for a few hours. To offer them a group of restaurants, and activities approved by the FRCC is an idea to be developed, so that cruise passengers can benefit from the best of the French Riviera ! That could possibly include price reductions !

What does cruise tourism bring to your brand ?
There is a significant economic impact each time that a cruise ship calls into Nice or a port nearby (Villefranche-sur-Mer) (50% more activity!).  In fact, crowds increase greatly in the centre of Nice, causing an explosion in the demand for our vélotaxis, since our service is perfectly adapted to their needs !