The French Riviera à l'honneur !

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Please check on  CLIA website the French Riviera destination  a video played on CLIA website
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Cruise Day on the French Riviera !

Thursday, 19 May 2016

On May 20th and 30th, the ports of Cannes, Nice and Villefranche/mer will have the pleasure to welcome 17 cruise ships with many cruise guests.

French Riviera Cruise Club Announces Award Winners!

Monday, 21 March 2016

The French Riviera Cruise Club (FRCC) is positioning itself to better help cruise lines drive market demand and sell shore excursions, while also keeping local stakeholders aware of the benefits of cruise calls with a new series of awards it is giving out.

After spending time studying cruise lines’ websites and brochures, the Destination Award went to the cruise company that best represents the region in their marketing materials.

The Excursion Award went to the cruise operator with the most innovative shore excursion initiative in the region.

In addition and also new is the Technical Award, whichw was presented to the ship and cruise line that has successfully handled a challenging operational situation when coming into a FRCC port. Finally, aimed at local stakeholders and communities, the Green Award went to the best environmental/green ship.


Destination Award: Azamara Club Cruises

Excursion Award: Silversea

Technical Award: Norwegian Cruise Line

Green Award: Royal Caribbean International

The French Riviera Cruise Club at the International Cruise Show!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The French Riviera Cruise Club is participating, as every year, at the ‘Seatrade Cruise Global ‘ (International Cruise Show), a major event in the cruising world, which will be held this year from 14th to 17th March 2016 at Fort Lauderdale, USA.

The promotion of the cruise ports of Cannes, Nice, Villefranche-sur-Mer and Antibes will take place at the ‘French Riviera’ stand, located in the French Pavilion.

The ‘French Touch’ has the place of honour

This year the climax of the activities at the French Pavilion will be a fashion show, which will attract the attention of cruise ship owners to ‘French Glamour’.

The FRCC is proud to have put two French companies from the Alpes Maritimes in contact, who were selected by the French Pavillion organiser - Atout France, New York office – following calls for tender :

-, from St Jeannet, who designed the French Pavilion
-    Graine de mode, from Nice, who is organising the fashion show.

Prize giving for the winners of the ‘French Riviera Cruise Club Awards’

In 2016 the French Riviera Cruise Club has decided to reward the cruise companies who distinguished themselves during 2015 :

•    Best ambassador for our destination (Destination Awards) => Azamara Club Cruises
•    Suggestion for the most unusual excursion (Excursion Award) => Silversea Cruises
•    For meeting an operational challenge in our ports (Technical Award) => Norwegian Cruise Line
•    Environmental innovation (Green Award) => the vessel  « Vision of the Seas » of Royal Carribean International

The prize giving will be held on Tuesday 15th March at the “French Riviera Ports” stand.

A VIP event on the French Riviera will held for the companies who won the French Riviera Cruise Club Awards. A price reduction for 2016 will be given to the winner of the Green Award.

"Boutique Ports" Project: Promoting Alternative Western Mediterranean Cruise Destinations

Friday, 29 January 2016

'Boutique Ports' project highlights the key role and quality services of several Western Mediterranean 'boutique' cruise ports, all being members of MedCruise.

The ports involved in this initiative are Costa Brava Cruise Ports (Palamós) and Delta Ebre Port; the Balearic Port Authority, with the port of Mahón (Spain), the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce, with the port of Nice; the Port Authority of Piombino and Elba, with the port of Portoferraio (Italy), the Port Authority of Northern Sardinia, with the port of Porto Torres (Italy); and the port of Sète (France).
In recent times, the need for cooperation and synergies among ports and destinations has emerged, in order to create added value for the cruise industry. In this context, the above small and mid-sized -in terms of cruise passengers- ports of the Western Mediterranean have joined forces and theit attractive destination on the 'Boutique Ports' project.

This unique initiative aims to jointly promote itineraries and destinations, through a service catalogue that offers high-end standards for cruise tourists, with a view to attracting more luxury cruise lines.Targeting a highly demanding upper-middle-class clientele used to sailing on board luxury cruise ships in search of unique destinations, 'Boutique Ports' project communicates to the cruise world the enormous potential of the cruise destinations involved in the initiative.

It also highlights the fact that in these ports cruise passengers have the opportunity to visit cultural, historical and natural attractions of unique beauty, enjoying at the same time a high quality personalised experience.

To see the video, click here

The French Riviera Cruise Club is launching a new challenge for 2016!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

To reward the French Riviera ports’ outstanding cruise line companies of 2015, “French Riviera Cruise Club awards” will be given in the following four categories:

- the best ambassador for the French Riviera

- the most unusual excursion suggestion

- the most successful operational challenge carried out in one of our ports

- the most environmentally-friendly initiative

The winner of each award will be decided by the French Riviera Cruise club according to various criteria.

The awards of Best Ambassador and Most Unusual Excursion will be determined on the basis of the websites and catalogues of each cruise line.

The award for the most successful Operational Challenge will be decided after studying the logistic conditions of each company’s calls in our ports. Finally, the Green award will be decided on the basis of the environmental questionnaires sent to cruise ships.

The winners of each award will be honored with a VIP reception held on French Riviera, while the winner of the Green Award will also receive a reduction on port fees for calls made in 2016.

These cruise awards will be attributed to the winning cruise lines during Seatrade Cruise Global event in Fort Lauderdale next March.

A new road map and joint leadership for the French Riviera Cruise Club

Monday, 11 January 2016

Mrs Pasquale Hattemberg, responsible for Tourism for Villefranche city council and Mr Michel Chevillon, member of the board of the French Riviera CCI have been appointed respectively president and vice president of the French Riviera Cruise Club.


Friday, 20 Novembre 2015

Today in Cannes the ship Norwegian EPIC from NCL welcome on board tourism students to present on board jobs in collaboration with the FRCC and the Norwegian Épic hotel director Richard Jenicki.

Gastronomy Festival in Villefranche/Mer

Wednesday, 30 Septembre 2015

On September 26th, the French Riviera Cruise Club, , also celebrated the gastronomy festival in Villefranche sur mer , whose is one of the founder member, exceptionally on board of the Vision of the seas. In collaboration with the cruise line Royal Caribbean International, the restaurant “Mayssa” and the agency So between, a convivial lunch, chaired by Liz Lauritzen the captain brought all together around a table several hosts of the French Riviera Cruise Club, of RCI and some crew members.  
The menu, a mixture of flavors, was concocted by the Chef Stéphane Barbet from the restaurant Mayssa in Villefranche sur mer, recently rewarded ,and the Chef on board the ship Vision of the seas, Paul Fong,  for the great pleasure of the happy guests .

This “Captain lunch  “illustrates well that the art of the gastronomy can be shared et enjoyed without borders.

3 Cruise ships in Cannes same days with 11 000 passengers

Friday, 31 July 2015
During the month of July, the port of Cannes had the pleasure to welcome a record passengers number with more than 11000 passengers of all the nationalities with 3 different ships by day. 48 buses left for excursion and the rest of the passengers was able to take advantage of the city of Cannes and of its surroundings. Ships on July 10th: Norwegian Epic, Sovereign and Emeral Princess Ships on July 17th: Norwegian Epic, Sovereign and Azura